9 thoughts on “20070402”

  1. You are only as cool as other people think you are 😉

    Following from your reply to my awfully rude comment, I think my past story will remain mine but I promise I will start my blog up from this weekend (when I have the time), so much is going on right now.


  2. You were rude?

    I’ll refrain from public proselytizing, but I will say this: The more personal the story, the more it inspires others.

    Just sayin’.

    Are you still thinking of coming to the US soonish?


  3. Thanks LyricalFool,

    And a pleasure to meet you! Gosh, my first meme and my first award all wrapped into one. I am flattered (and a bit amazed).

    Regardless of how I feel, however, I’ve decided to proudly wear the badge of the Thinking Blogger award along with you. I did a bit of research to find out who started this and what the hell it is all about and I gotta say, it’s great idea.

    I don’t like memes, and had decided not to bite if ever tagged . . .but wait, I just realized I’m writing my entire acceptance speech in this comment–when I should be writing a new post!

    I guess you were right–I am verbose. (shit).



  4. @ CW
    yeah, i’ve been using the term meme (in it’s proper sense) forever, and it was a huge disappointment to see how bastardized the concept has become on *teh interweb*

    but this one i like because it stands its ground rather than letting itself be dragged down to the lowest common denominator.

    i have found one or two others that i like but the bulk of them-ugh
    (says the guy who just took a quiz to see what kind of heretic he is-what can i say, some things i just can’t resist)

    @ LF
    ty for introducing us to chris’ blog. it’s excellent.


  5. @ CW

    I’ve never given a guy two firsts in one day. That’s a first for me. 😉 I’m looking forward to exploring more of your blog — especially the teaching stuff.

    @ brahnamin

    I thought so 😉 Thanks for tagging me. Now, I just have to find four more.


  6. Pingback: Gee, thanks.

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