5 thoughts on “20070403”

  1. I also struggle with this very issue. I have chose to tell everyone exactly who I am…

    And I got in trouble for doing so at work. I had three days suspension because I told too much personal information.

    What a grand world we live in.


  2. there is a difference between speaking to be heard and speaking because you refuse to remain silent.

    being absolutely open is not tantamount to being whiny or self obsessed.

    that said, it is still a fearful thing.

    when i feel the fear creeping in i have a simple three word mantra that i like to use (at first through gritted teeth and then with gleeful abandon). it goes like this ::

    f*ck em all

    i don’t give a rat’s bald pink tail what they think

    f*ck em all

    guaranteed they’re just as messed up as me

    f*ck em all
    f*ck em all
    f*ck em all


    yeah, it will probably never get printed on hats and t-shirts and stacked next to the *git r’ done* paraphenalia, but i find it works for me.


  3. @skywindows

    I think part of the attraction, for me, for the tell-all is that it’s still somewhat safe in its being anonymous. Although it struck me today just how un-anonymous it is quickly becoming when I realized how many people I know in that face-to-face way know about it. Add that with the fact that I’m really not all that creative when it comes to coming up with user names…

    It’s already become challenging. Telling people who I am isn’t exactly my forte.

    @ brahnamin

    I heard Metallica in my head for some reason when I read your comment.

    This is stupid. This was supposed to be about school and getting a degree and (if I stuck with it) my teaching experiences.

    Not about all this garbage that seems to be rising to the top lately.


  4. see, and that is what i think you don’t get. if it’s in you (especially if you are obsessing about it) it is part of the journey.

    if you were blogging youTube i might say, yeah, you’re a little bit off your original goal. but you’re not. you’re blogging you.

    i’d say you’re still right in line with your original intent.

    if you can be open and raw here you can be open and raw for your future students. nothing will allow you to connect with them more closely and clearly than that.

    if you can open up, and let them see you open up, then they will know it is *safe* for them to open up . . . and hand you the keys you need to effectively teach them, not just as a class, but as individuals.


  5. Well, I don’t mind being open with students, but there is ::open:: and then there’s :: raw and open ::

    I doubt I’ll ever tell my students a quarter of the stuff that might surface here.


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