9 thoughts on “20070408”

  1. my personal analogy for god’s view of people who wear crosses ::

    your kid is hanging out @ the mall with his friends when this lunatic pulls a gun. your kid jumps in front of everyone and gets blown away.

    at the funeral all your kid’s friend’s show up wearing little gold guns around their necks

    who are they honoring?

    and how pissed are you as a parent.


    now, i’m guessing god is above all that

    and i do get that (in a perfect world) christians who wear crosses, especially crucifixes, do so to have a constant reminder of the sacrifice jesus made for them.

    set in a framework wherein what jesus did on the cross was merely a proof text and not a sacrifice (i’m not big on guilt, but i still have to say bollocks to THAT revisionist concept) just doesn’t make any sense at all.


  2. You should hire an exorcist for the cat and sell the viedo footage to one of the cable channels, if nothing else it would be a good show, “Souths most haunted – the evil cat” 🙂

    Quite nice you to a church that carries a different message.

    I have always been gobsmacked by the idolisation of Jesus and the cross. It makes me wonder, if they had strapped Jesus to a giant wooden wheel, would we now have “the holy wheel?”. Or maybe thats one for “Life of Brian 2”.


  3. @ brahnamin:

    Yes, I do think that the message got lost in translation, and, while God is certainly above that, it still leaves me feeling sad that those who would worship a Higher Being (even a Savior) would choose the instrument of his death to revere than the fact that He rose. In Easter, yes, the point is that He rose, but really, with all the crosses banging about, no matter how someone tries to tell me otherwise, it seems that his Divinity is secondary to His death. And *that* doesn’t sit will with me either.

    But there was something about the changing of the symbol for the service I attended that bothered me. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

    Thanks for the tip on the tuna. I’m thinking the oil might also help with hair balls?


    I should, indeed. Perhaps I should use my student loans to hire an exorcist?

    Maybe I could write witty dialogue, film it in black and white, and sell it as an independent film to recoup the money and pay off the rest of my loans.

    Would you be available for a voice over? I’m sure The Cat would sound fine with a snobbish British accent 😉


  4. To my mind, the reason the cross was used is that it is easy. It is an easy symbol to carry, to make and to use. Words can be lost in translation and people were not educated in those days. Perhaps the symbol of the cross, was simply a way to carry an overall message, in one simple form?
    It has always bothered me that a message is lost in among all the imagery.

    And re the cat film. Well it could not be completely Black and White, you would need some “red eye” effects. Also my rates are in chocolate, I hersheys per line 🙂


  5. Brahnamin – That’s a very interesting comment about the gang and gun thing… never thought about it like that. You always get me to think and see things differently. I like that.

    Prior to my conversion to the LDS Church I had a cross made which had a purple saphire in the middle which to me signified the triumph and the ‘cross’ portion was four blue/purply opals. I don’t know why I came up with the design I did. I think because its beauty and ruggedness represented both aspects to me. I guess for the cross signifies the pain he went through on my behalf and when I see it and ponder it, it makes me want to be a better person. Not through guilt, but through my love for him as I ponder his love for me. But I can definitely see why it bothers some people.

    The LDS Church doesn’t use the cross for anything and actually seem to frown on it. So because I’m a bit of a rebel I kept wearing it anyway, just to show them I guess that I wouldn’t be told by any person what to do. I said if the Lord wanted me to stop wearing it I would… then the chain broke three times… After the third time I quietly placed the cross in a pocket of my purse and stopped wearing it. LOL

    They do use the Angel Moroni in jewelry and on top of the spires of the Temples because he is the Angel spoken of in Revelation ushering forth the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth.

    I don’t wear either at this point in time. Doesn’t bother me one way or another if anyone else does.

    And I said I wasn’t going to post any more today due to my hand and wrist and all. And it’s already screaming in pain so I’ll stop now.


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