7 thoughts on “20070410”

  1. “Well we all have a face
    that we hide away forever,
    and we take them out and show ourselves,
    when everyone has gone . . .
    some are satin, some are steel, some are silk, and some are leather,
    they’re the faces of the stranger, but we love to try them on.”

    ~Billy Joel

    There’s a lot to be said about the persona you elect to represent you in the blogosphere vs real world vs professional world vs academic world.

    An interesting topic for discussion, I think.

    The more I consider it, the more I’m gravitating toward the “tough shit” camp. I think we relinquish too much power to the people we “know” to define who we really are.

    99% percent of those we know are just personas they created anyway. It’s not who they really are either. So most of the time we have make believe egos interacting with other make believe egos and we never really meet the real people behind all that . . .well, fear.

    I’m glad to read you will be joining the “tough shit” club. I think it’s all part of being a writer.

    Good luck with your Slamming Doors thing. I saw that the other day at the Juggler’s place. Should be interesting to read. Glad I’m not writing it. Too deep for me.

    Later Fool,



  2. “But I’m not making any promises on anything that may follow it.”

    Are you warning us, our yourself? Its quite liberating but also very scary when you let go and just explore.

    Good luck!

    Oh if you find the answer, throw this lost one a clue please 🙂


  3. Chris,

    Even this is a face, I think.

    It allows me to express stuff that’s been swirling around in my brain without ::knowing:: that so-and-so’s read it. In essence, I can write like no one (that I know) is reading.

    And yet, it’s public.

    But I can pretend they haven’t, and keep that mask of dignity. It has all the possibility of blowing up in my face, but, for now, it’s exactly what I need.

    This is just the blog version of the “Tough Shit” club, my bigger goal is to join the real life version.

    Thanks for the well wishes, I hope you stick around.

    It should prove a very interesting ride.


  4. @ Rowantree…

    Expect some the appearance of some EQ characters in the near future 😉

    Ooh, good pick up on the dual-edged warning.

    I specifically meant it so that people that I deal with on a daily basis have the option either to be or not be exposed to some pretty raw stuff.

    Kind of like a “This smells bad, wanna smell it?” thing.

    I had a clue, but I lost it again when I slipped it between the pages of my grammar text book and threw it into the trash compactor.

    Only kidding, sadly.


  5. Yea, same here, I haven’t played since last fall, but I have taken LONG breaks since about 2002, then come back and play for a while, then leave awhile.

    I played on Mithaniel Marr which server did you play on?

    (Sorry for hijacking your post)


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