2 thoughts on “20070411”

  1. We know Marlowe and Disraeli were “flaming queens,” but Will is an enigma. Cross-dressing as you report, and all those fairies in Midsummer’s Night Dream. But read Sonnet 20, and then decide. Is the object of desire phallic or just agape? Does one “love” penises, or the one attached to them? E. M. Forester knew the difference. Alas, desire and love are not synonymous, but love without desire seems a hermeneutic error, a categorical mistake, and an awful waste. How can one “love” humanity, or God, but not love a beloved for his or her own sake? Damn those pesky questions! Will does not answer.


  2. I’ve heard (and by heard, I mean I can’t recall the source) that Will was bisexual, and, not being all that knowledgeable in Shakespeare, I wouldn’t have said one way or another.

    Your post sent me on a hunt for Sonnet 20, as I had never read it, and I have to say, it is an extremely evocative and telling poem.

    I will have to further examine your other references when time allows.

    Thank you so much for your comment. I’m intrigued, and will have to look further.


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