4 thoughts on “20070415”

  1. The greatest way to hide a lie, is to present it as part of truth. The greatest way to hide sin, is not to hide it at all, but make it somehow a noble thing.
    I am sure you can find another solution other than the Klan (well I hope you can).

    I was recently watching a programme a british journalist made about a certain US group, maybe you have heard of them? http://www.godhatesfags.com/

    Well, they are extreme and their message so unforgiveably delivered that most people switch off instantly. But this journalist took time to meet, greet and talk to the people. In a bizarre twist he showed that apart from the “going to hell” and homophobia, they are very pleasant and law abiding people who honestly beleive that what their cult is doing is correct.
    If they were not attending soldiers funerals and spitting hatred, you would just consider them normal.

    It is sometimes odd that a bad message can be carried by people who really beleive it is for the greater good.

    Cockey Slang .. Richard III … says it all about him 🙂


  2. Yes, I know that site. My Literacy Info instructor showed it to us last semester as an example of why the internet is a crappy and unreliable resource

    I never really looked over it except in class until today.

    I had forgotten how hateful and twisted that site is. They’re the ones that are picketing the funerals of US military, interrupting families of their time to say goodbye and grieve.

    It’s horrible. It’s classless. It is truly evil. But it also gave rise to this: http://www.patriotguard.org. They’re an organization that actually “guards” the families during the funerals. On motorcycles. They have my deepest respect, and prove (at least to me) that good can come from even the most insane evil.

    I read their “so and so has been burning in hell for so many days.”

    How utterly sad.

    I guess being so full of hate is its own punishment.


  3. political reform brahnamin style ::

    gas em and drop em over zaire or kenya with nothing but their robes and pick em up in three weeks – erm -whatever’s left of them.


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