4 thoughts on “20070416”

  1. Hey I like this. I’m not usually big on descriptive stuff (I’m the wham-bam-gimme-the-plot-quick sort) but this is good.
    But… I wonder what’s the entire story about.
    Anyway, I never completed a Nanowrimo because it ALWAYS falls during my finals. 😦


  2. @ brahnamin
    Thank you. I was in a Tom Robbins phase. 😉

    @ lovelyloey

    I’ve done it once–and just once.

    The entire story is about a woman whose boyfriend challenges her to do a NaNo.

    She spends the entire month saying that nothing ever happens to her worth writing about, and yet, all of this stuff happens. At least 60,000 or so words of it happen, anyway. Some fictional, some not.

    It was good practice, anyway, and showed I could do more than I thought possible when I set my mind to it.


  3. Arh! Cool story!
    My Nanos always start out with a brilliant plot but nothing much to fill up the spaces. But the furthest I have ever gone is 4000 words. LOL. Then I had to sit for finals. 😛


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