More Unexpected Blessings

This is David. I like David. David was one of those random “I Met You on the Internet” meetings that turned out to have unexpected consequences. Thankfully, I’ve had a few of those. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever actually meet David, although I keep trying to influence him to buy a Harley, but then again I’m evil like that. His wife would probably disown him.


I’m a bit Harley-obsessed. I can appreciate that, and I fully acknowledge that. I think they’re nifty. Last year, when I was gung-ho about getting in shape (and somehow managing to save money for that ever-desired bike), I posted a ticker-counter on how many miles I was riding on an exercise bike. For every mile, I’d dig in my change bucket and set the money aside to buy the bike.

Sadly, like most of my attempts, I sort of fell short. Like about $5000 short. I became frustrated because, although I was eventually doing 100 miles a week or so, I wasn’t losing any weight. So I became frustrated and gave up. I was losing size, sure, but I was focused on the numbers, an I just gave up.

Here’s the neat thing about David. This was David:


On one of my infrequent visits to Yahoo-land, I bumped into him again, and he talked about how much weight he had lost. He talked about running, and how great he felt when he wasn’t feeling downtrodden by the flu. (Hope you’re feeling better, by the way! ) He talked about his mini-marathons and his marathons, and on and on and on. It’s 66 lbs later, by the way.

And then he said an incredible thing. That I inspired him to start running.

The idea that *I* inspired someone to do anything, much less RUN, blows my mind. It was the biking thing, he told me. My updating my ticker and my adventures in broken foot pedals and everything else.

I’d been toying with the idea of picking up the bike again. Walking in the morning, even .. *gasp* joining a gym that’s perfectly situated between my house and school.

I don’t think I’m toying anymore.

Thank you for telling me about your success, David, and indulging me my desire to add you to my blog.

You, my dear, are inspiring, and I’m so very glad to know you.

Maybe even one day I’ll be tracking you down on Yahoo to tell you how far I’ve come.


2 thoughts on “More Unexpected Blessings”

  1. Firstly, well done David 🙂 Secondly, this is just the kind of uplifting news that makes me feel glad to be alive on a wonderful sunny day like today. Thirdly, I do not think you know how you inspired me to get back on my bike too 🙂


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