Thank You

For your comments, for your emails, and, in certain cases, your phone calls.

I haven’t really responded that much simply because I didn’t trust myself to do so, but every single one of them is greatly appreciated.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and most likely won’t be any less rough in the next few weeks to come, but I’ll be updating soon, and, hopefully, with a whole new perspective.

Cause, you know, I can’t stay silent for long. My tongue (and fingers) atrophy, and I go into shock.

For right now, I’ll just say that this semester has been extremely educational, and I appreciate all of your good wishes and thoughts.

With great affection,

Your Fool


4 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. @ Chris : Patience is a virtue. Or something.

    @ CuriousC: Simplicity is something I’m really striving for these days. Figured it fits the bill 🙂

    @ Grace: Hugs to you, too, girl. Enjoy your trade show.


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