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Here it is, a trivia meme about me that has been passed on by Grace and is supposed to give you, my reader, some deep insight into the minutae of my soul.

After a bit of contemplation (and a friendly kick in the butt from Grace herself since I had drafted it yesterday, but didn’t know about the tagging part of it), I’ve decided to put a disclaimer on it. I won’t directly tag anyone since most of the bloggers I know aren’t into passed-on memes.

With that being said, if you’re reading this, and you have a blog, I consider you tagged. All of you. Every last one of you. A challenge, you see, one that can be accepted or declined and no one would be the wiser. If you’re a reader, though, I am very curious about you. Should you accept, I’d love to see you drop a comment linking your blog so I can read your response.

With that being said, here lies the minutae of my soul.

A–Anomalous. After a long period of feeling very anomalous, I discover I’m not so different after all, and it’s rather comforting. (Don’t worry — this is the only letter I’m really, really stretching this far).

B–Barnes and Noble. The place I spent 10 minutes looking through the glasses of my new 10,000 Days CD before I realized people were looking at me strangely.

C Center for Writers. Hopefully this is where I’ll be in August of 2009.

D — Dog. My current roommate, Bug. I wish I had pictures, she’s so cute.

E — Emerald. My birthstone. One of these days, I’m going to get a pair of tiny emerald earrings.

F — Flailing rats. Watching them is one of my new favorite pastimes. In the creek on campus, there are rats that will play forever in the water, regardless of the weather. I wish I were half as upbeat as they are.

G — “Goophered Grapevine, The” (Yeah, I cheated). Currently my favorite short story. It’s by Charles Chesnutt.

H — Harley Davidson. Yep, still want one.

I — Iceland. The home of my first real-life crush, Hal Harvey in fourth grade. I don’t think I actually crushed on him til he went back home, but I went to the principal’s office bitching when he pulled my pigtails and cried when he said that he was going to marry Daphne instead of me anyway.

J — Jonesin’. I’m jonesin’ for some good coffee right now.

K — Krispie Kreme. Do I really have to say anything about this? If glazed goodness and spun sugar could be a tragic flaw, this would be mine.

L — Laughing. My absolute favorite thing to do.

M–Maliciousness. One of the few flaws that I really, really can’t tolerate.

N — NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month — November. (Also an N, I see). Something I’ve only done once, and can’t see being able to do any time in the near future.

O — Orgasm. It’s a word that simply can’t be said (or done) enough.

P — Passport. Getting one is my New Year’s Resolution, but I’m hoping to do it between semesters.

Q — Queer Theorists and Gender studies. Something I’m really digging on recently is the constructs of gender and sexuality.***

R — Raidho. My life rune and posting name elsewhere.

S — Seven. The number of months til I graduate. (Maybe? It’s on again, at the moment)

T — Tool — My first concert I’ll be attending in about 8 years. I’m so excited I’m parading about with very high-pitched, squeaky zeal.

U — Umbrella. For living in the South where it’s always 90% humidity and threatening to rain, I have never owned an umbrella for more than a week.

V — Vanilla Mint toothpaste by Colgate. It’s always on my brush.

W — Water. I’m not sure why, but my heart breaks at the thought of not living near it.

X – Xylophone. Something I liked to beat on in elementary school music. That, and fourth grade boys’ heads. Now that I think about it, that may have been the reason that Hal wanted to marry Daphne.

Y Youtube: My current favorite Youtube video here. Maynard James Keenan and Tori Amos doing “Muhammad my Friend.”

Z — Zebra. What’d I’d ride if I ever conquered the world. I’d look spiffy atop stripes.

*** Disclaimer — Queer Theory and Gender Studies relates to approaches to literary criticism. Despite the image it may offer of a bunch of old farts trying to figure out why we have gay folks, it’s actually a respected group within literary circles. Thanks for asking, you-know-who!


4 thoughts on “Tagged by Grace”

  1. “Vanilla Mint toothpaste by Colgate. It’s always on my brush.”

    I remember that toothpaste, wow.

    We brits only seem to gain toothpaste that cares about the end result and not the process, bleh.

    Vanilla for te win /nod


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