Smells Like Cream

  • Condition: Dirty
  • Comments: Smells like…cream. Possibly half-and-half. Sweet smelling.

I got a call from Best Buy and spent the night at work feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve. Today, I was getting a new lap top.

Apparently, in addition to my myriad of talents, one particularly shining one is killing lap tops. The above notes are direct quotations from their work order for my lap top. At least if it was dirty, it was sweet-smelling too.

There are several bits of good news with this. Because mine was a close out deal, (meaning, it was so bad that they had actually discontinued making it), I was able to pick out another for the same price, or I could upgrade and pay the difference. For about $20 more than I paid last year, I got 4x the RAM, and almost 4 X the hard drive space. Neat-o. Because it’s a new lap top, protected by all of the protections a new lap top affords, I was able to buy a new accident pro0tection plan.

Hopefully I won’t need it, and I’ve learned my lesson. But if not, I have protection.

I’ve also learned the lesson of backing up my stuff. I’m a slow learner sometimes; this was a lesson that took two laptops and two PC’s (in my defense, I killed neither one of those) to learn.

Of course, there is this whole Vista thing which I’m not digging on too hard.

But it *is* six days till Tool, and 25 weeks and 5 days till finals are over.

At least I have ‘net back, and don’t feel so entirely disconnected. As a bonus, I can do papers at home.

But I’m still wondering what they got an eye-ful of in my documents folder.


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