Ready, Set, Go

I have a full pot of coffee.

I have a can and a half full of coffee grounds, and a full bag of coffee beans.

I have creamer, milk, Splenda and sugar.

I am well stocked.

I have the weekend off. I have 11 pages of a 15-20 page paper written, and it’s good, good stuff. Damn good.

Mostly original, which complicates things when I only have 3 out of 12 required sources.

But the Hell Week has officially started. It will be over in 6 days, 16 and a half hours.

I have two papers after that, one due on Wednesday and another on Friday. The one for Tuesday is already finished and I refuse, refuse, refuse to reread it lest it ends up rewritten as well. I have two finals from Hell and another mildly challenging one on Friday.

I’ll still have one last final to take after that, a toughie, but I’ll have more than a day to actually read and study for it.

And Hell Week will in fact be finished.

I’m ready.


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