I haven’t had the moment yet, the moment which happens every semester and typically lasts between an hour and a whole night, culminating in my gnashing my teeth and renting my garments, crying “I can’t do this” until I pass out, exhausted, only to wake up the next morning (or afternoon) and get stuff done.

I’m really not quite certain what to think about that.

I’m down to one paper and one final. The paper isn’t going to be an easy one, slap down some criticism, top it with a bit of flowery interpretation on it, stir in a couple of sources in it and throw it on the table. This is a “what the hell was I thinking? what the hell AM I thinking?” sort of thing, is postmodernism honest? dishonest? what is it anyway?

So, yeah, there I am. Moment-less and confused.

But it’s okay. It’s almost over, and margaritaville calls me.

Wednesday. At 4:30. I’ll be there, stuffing lost shakers of salt in my pockets and singing God-knows-what.

I’ll be having a moment.


3 thoughts on “Moments”

  1. I can’t say I’ve had that moment yet, but I was definatly biting my nails in my last math test. I habit I thought I broke which apparently rears its ugly head with formulas.


  2. I awoke in a cold sweat at 430 A.M. on Saturday. My face numb from passing out at my desk, I opened my fridge for a water bottle. When I came away empty handed, I lost it. Suddenly I was throwing empty water bottles at the door and ripping my to-do list to shreds. I lit a candle and turned on some music. I spent the next two hours carefully taping together the individual pieces of said list. I entertained myself by alternating between cursing my waterless fate and making disparaging remarks about my own intelligence.

    The moral of the story: Always keep an extra water bottle.

    You can find me writing more intelligent pieces over at

    All the best


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