I can’t sleep. Hacking and sneezing and sniffling, I can’t sleep.

I’m in a rare mood: aching and hurting and oh, so grumpy. When I’m sick, I’m miserable, so I try not to get sick very often if I can help it.

I spent the day in a completely unnoteworthy fashion. I read til I fell asleep, woke up, drank some water, took some cold stuff, and read until I fell asleep. As an aside, I thank God for the divine inspiration that IS aloe-laden Kleenex.

One bright, shining note is that grades were released 50 minutes early. Somehow, in the middle of the writing center, the deaths, and the overwhelming disconnection, I managed to pull out a 4.0 again.

Suddenly, I feel like celebrating, but I still can’t sleep.


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