I’ve Succumbed

I am the worst present-wrapper in the world. Ever.

My squares, at best, look like rectangles and at worst like dodecahedrons. (I counted today…definitely 12 sides for that picture frame). My circles look like stacks of saltines, beaten for soup.

Yeah, I think you get the idea.

But I was humming. Humming! Me, the anti-gift person, humming while I did my anti-wrapping.

Joy like this just couldn’t be contained. “Guess what I’m doing!” I called Sherry. She answered the phone, and I’m pretty sure I squeaked in excitement. “I’m wrapping your present! Na-na-na-na!” Her shock that I had gone shopping was almost tangible through the phone.

I was humming, last night, too, when I finally found exactly what I wanted to give her. Of course, part of it was Barnes and Noble, so I absolutely had to go back, and while I was there, absolutely had to get a peppermint mocha. (Limited edition, you understand, it’s only with us for another few weeks!) I was humming in line, humming when the guy smiled at me and asked me what I had in my hand, then proceeded to lecture me about the true meaning of Christmas.

I smiled indulgently. I’m good at that. “People want flattery and sentiment, not truth!” he said out of the blue.

I blinked at him, three times in rapid succession. I, reading Rumi, am remembering a thing or two about Truth.

“They don’t want to remember Jesus. They want presents.” He pointed to the journal in my hand. It’s a beautiful journal, an inspirational one that I think will help her while she goes through grief counseling. She’s such an amazing woman, I hope that she rediscovers that one day soon. My gift was reflection, a bit of inspiration, and a little bit of decadence. A journal, a poem, and chocolate seems to cover all the bases.

“It’s a present for a friend of mine who lost her husband right before Thanksgiving,” I told him. “A Christmas present, but only by timing.”

“Ah–that’s a soul-present, not a Christmas present. That’s different.”

He was a strange man, and once I got my coffee, he wished me a very Merry Christmas, I did the same for him and toddled off.

But I was humming still. Humming when I went to sleep (between coughing up part of my lungs, which is starting to concern me, albeit slightly), and humming when I woke up.

And humming today, as I go now to get ready for work, all filled with cheer.

I think I’ve found Grace, but that’s another story in itself.


10 thoughts on “I’ve Succumbed”

  1. (( LF )) LOL I am NOT laughing at the coughing-up-body parts,,,,but I am just hummin’ and laughin’ along with your….



  2. its a shame we dont give each other small gifts more often, all year round, rather than on just one day that becomes a massive strain on the ol’ purse strings because you’re trying to please Everyone. i don’t even have kids yet and im complaining about this! oh well… im not the most christmassy of fairies. also, i think wrapping paper is too expensive..and would really like to use old newspapers…i’d look like a massive cheapskate though…

    ive ranted long enough.


  3. Grace: Joy is a perfect word. *grin*

    Rowan: When I come across stuff during the year, I pick it up. Because I have the self-discipline of a sixth month old puppy, I end up giving it to that person rather than holding onto it for an event. I used to think this was a bad thing (see self-discipline joke), but I really think it’s more for the moment than for some such thing down the pipe in an illusion-based notion of foreseeable future.

    It just sucks at traditional gift times.


  4. Mike: Haha. I actually finished before someone *flex* Of course, I am officially missing one present, but it’s non-rush. I’m money.

    I think it was Tool’s “Jambi.” Very Christmasy, yes?

    Rowan: Picking up stuff, passing it on. I think that’s exactly what life’s about.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. I adore blank books! I have a huge stack waiting patiently for me to journal in. and I think they make awesome gifts… May you find some joy every day in even one small step. – C


  6. I just surfed in today and read several of your posts. I was impressed by most of them but found this one particularly touching and memorable, yet I can’t explain why. I will look forward to the next time I am able able to drop by and read.


  7. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words!

    I’ve discovered that the things that most affect me, I often can’t exactly explain why. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I definitely enjoyed both the experience and the writing about it.

    Happy New Year!


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