First Day of School

…granted, I haven’t officially started yet.

The opening of the new fabulous library with our new fabulous Writing Center is excitement enough to get me up out of bed. Dr. F-Dawg has his office hours fairly early, so I’ll be there before I actually attend class. Which isn’t until 3:15.

Which would be fabulous, weren’t we having training at 10 am in the morning.

Oh well. I said I was in basic training for Iowa, right?

I must admit, I really want to stake out the coffee shop. Rumor has it that they were talking about putting a coffee shop in our library, which would make it like the big campus’.

That’s gonna make my one-mocha-a-week rule difficult to live by. I’ll sure I’ll survive.
For the first semester in 2 years, I’m not ready. I didn’t spend the past two weeks wishing school would just start because I was bored.

Granted, the semester is bound to be better than my break, but I’m just not ready.

Today is officially the beginning of the end.

And still not smoking.

Oh, and my brother’s birthday. He’ll never see this because he’s anti-Internet, but happy birthday, man, nonetheless.

My little brother is 30.

That officially makes me old.

And still not smoking since the debacle Wednesday night.


2 thoughts on “First Day of School”

  1. Congrats on the nonsmokingness! Me, too!

    and, I did read your last post and have so much to say and nothing to say. Internet {hugs} from strangers, yet kindred blog-friends aside. I’ve never been the kind to give advice and say much. I’ve been accused of having no heart and I think it’s in there somewhere, I just don’t have the means to pull much out of it when needed. But I want to, and I hope that thought is helpful? If you want positive acknowledgement of your words and feelings – then, YES! I hear you.

    You have a fierce intelligence in your writing style. I wish you much fun and dream-achieving success as you train for Iowa! go, GO, GO!


  2. ‘I have so much to say and nothing to say.’

    I get you when you said that, and thank you very much.

    Congratulations on your accomplishment! I know how big it is *grin*

    Thank you for your wishes. I’m not sure how much of it I’ll be blogging about, but I will post major milestones.

    Like if I get in or not ;p


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