Random Friday Five

…because I just don’t have time to get into how truly, truly cool things are right now.

1) I learned how to use the MP3 player. I freaking rock. Hearing Tool in stereo is one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. Ever.

2) Day 15 without any chocolate, period. Not one whit of Valentine’s candy (which is still waiting for me), or a single mocha. I even have cocoa, pudding, and various other stuff in the house and have (temporarily, I hope?) lost all craving for it. I am incredibly amazed by the experience. I’ll be celebrating March 1st, though, by a mocha at sunset, hopefully at the Beau Rivage.

3) Although probably more related to #2 than I want to admit, my jeans are getting frighteningly loose. Actually, I noticed it in my underwear first. Like falling down loose. That could become a problem if I somehow trip on them. Considering I’m now walking with an MP3 player, that might happen sooner rather than later.

4) The more I read about Kate Chopin, the more I am totally, totally digging her. She was one awesome, awesome woman. I’m currently reading “Unveiling Kate Chopin” by Emily Toth, which, is a horribly, horribly written book. It’s good in its factual information, but the author is so biased by her own agenda which clearly shows through in the first half of the book that it makes it absolutely painful to read. It makes rather strong claims in such places, provides very little support (and shaky support at that) and then makes it a theme of the book. (Alleged sexual abuse of Chopin by Union Soldiers based on the word “outrage” when they came to the 13 year old Kate’s household household to force them to raise a Union Army flag). Toth’s writing is unprofessional, catty, and she can’t seem to keep from making “men are shit” comments throughout the bulk of the book. Toth is an English professor at LSU, apparently, and because I cannot imagine sitting through a class by such a woman, I’ve stricken LSU off my list of possible grad schools.

Seriously. I’m that horrified.

And, finally…

5) As of tomorrow, when a certain letter and a certain check go into the mail to a certain Ex, I will be utterly, utterly, free. I’ve forgiven him, I’ve forgiven myself, and now it’s just time to move onward and upward, bringing my girls with me.
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One thought on “Random Friday Five”

  1. You go, girl! Proud of your accomplishment! Hee hee! I considered going to LSU (about 40 years ago [oh.my.God. I AM that old!]). My best friend and I were going to go there and bleach our hair out platinum and then tint it random pastel colors a la the town switchboard operator in The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! — oh, those were some silly girls with such bold plans! But my parents wouldn’t let me go there because it was “too close to New Orleans, and we are afraid you’ll get into trouble”. Oh, how I would have benefitted from getting into some trouble. As it was I had to wait a few of those decades to do that, and going to LSU (or New Orleans) was not necessary. Just as well — those school colors would be hard to wear with my skin tones 😉

    Goodbye EX!!! you cat mishandler, you!


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