Cartman’s Mom and Hairy Butts

I was absolutely horrified when, in a moment of brilliant clarity, I realized just how much I sound like Eric Cartman’s mother when I talk to my recent-arrival cats.

Were I to try to coax them with Cheesy Poofs or offer them a pot pie, I’d have it nailed.

The bad news is that I sound like Eric Cartman’s mother. That’s pretty damn bad news.

The good news is that I’ve noticed that my throat is healing. I’ll never have the voice of a three year old getting her pig tails pulled (thankfully, I’ll admit), but I have noticed some subtle changing with my voice, and I can only guess that it is the vocal chords healing from the lack of smoking.

I noticed it first when I was singing (yes, singing, me, scary thought), and I found myself thinking, “Wow, I sound pretty damned good!”

Now if I could only match key to words. I’d be super-rocking then.

But it is healing, albeit slowly, and I no longer sound like Magda from Something About Mary.

Except at 6 in the morning when I am still dragging around, clutching onto a cup of coffee like a life raft, trying to get a bagel toasted and bacon and egg done and on a plate and in my stomach before the sun rise.

But my throat is healing, and the cats are healing, and life is so very, very good, despite yesterday being so very, very bad.

I used my Eric Cartman’s Mom’s voice when I screeched to MY mom, “Look, Look, Mardi has hair on her ass!”

It’s true. She has a little tuft of hair on her girl parts, little more than stubble on the area around her tail, and small threads of hair on the underside of her tail. The significance of her hairy ass and girl parts is that when she first appeared, she didn’t. Her skin irritated from flea bites, she managed to lick it all off, and she looked, at least from the proverbial waist down, much like Dr. Evil’s cat in Austin Powers.

And I wanted to post pictures of them, they are looking so good these days. I wanted to post pictures, period, but I can’t seem to find the cord for my camera. I’m not exactly sure why my camera cord likes to play peek-a-boo around the time that I’m looking to do pictures, but it always seems to.

But I have plenty to do anyway.


2 thoughts on “Cartman’s Mom and Hairy Butts”

  1. Cheesy poofs. Love that.
    Good luck on the smoking thing.
    I hate to say it but I’m looking forward to the warmer weather so I can sit on my deck and do what I do best: smoke cigars. 😉


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