Sunday Something

So I actually made it to church this morning. I got home from work, crashed, and made it back up in time.

Sometimes it’s the little things that reinforce my belief in miracles.

I had been asked a few weeks ago to speak at a Sunday service. It was during one of the follow up meetings to the “I of the Storm” class that I had taken last year.

And, well, January was a phenomenal month. And I’ve become an obnoxiously happy, bright and shiny person despite my best efforts.

So they want me to speak.

Me, speaking in front of people? Are they out of their ever-loving mind?

Apparently not. A couple of weeks ago, I kind of nodded and smiled and didn’t disagree because I wasn’t quick enough on my feet to come up with a good excuse not to.

This morning, I told the minister I would. I found out she’s looking for 5-7 minutes. I warned her I had no idea what I’d be talking about, and I’d need someone to sit in the back and wave to let me know when my time is up.

How could I possibly sum up January in 5 minutes? An hour? A year?

I can’t.

But at least I have three weeks til I need divine inspiration.

And I’ve made it to Spring Break. Buried in books and papers and running to and fro, I had no idea it was so close.

And so the countdown really begins.

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