Double Dose (Gratitude Thursday, a Day Late)

I’m back. Oh, boy, am I back.

I don’t know if I’m back to blogging as often as I had been, but I’m back, back, back.

This morning, as I was walking (and feeling incredibly ungrateful that I’ve managed to misplace my MP3 player), I realized that I hadn’t actually posted a gratitude for Thursday.

At the moment I was thinking about it, I was feeling so very good in my body as it was moving, I was feeling swept along, legs stretching, feet up and down and up and down and arms pumping. And I was feeling so grateful for movement. And the product of movement. The joy of moving is joy enough, but when I can feel with my hands my muscles coming together, strengthening, lengthening, moving.

And I, not having my MP3 player, found my head wandering as it tends to do (even with music, I might add), and I just realized how good it feels to move. Move my body, move to music, move through life, move, just move, move, move. And I wondered if the tree branches could possibly feel gratitude, and if they could, would they feel half as grateful to the force that moves through their leaves as I feel to the Force that moves through my life?

The second thing I’m so very grateful for is that I get what I need when I need it.

Last night was two powerful pieces of information, delivered at exactly the right time.

Yesterday was Maundy Thursday, the day that is celebrated as the day of Christ’s arrest in Gethsamene. It’s interesting because He goes off by himself to pray, and his apostles fall asleep. This happens 3 times, so they must have been pretty damn tired.

The first piece of information I gleaned from this absolutely beautiful service was one of which I was aware, but it’s always good to be reminded. The apostles, even his most loyal, were there for the teachings and the miracles and the blessings. But when it came down to Jesus’ crunch time, it was just He and God, alone.

That was something I really needed to hear.

The second, and, perhaps most timely information, was a verse I was unable to confirm its location. I was a little bit late to the service which had already started, but it was something Jesus said to the apostles about “Fear not, I will send a Comforter to be with you always.” I don’t kjnow which version, I don’t know which verse.

It wasn’t so much about the comforting part as it was His sending someone. And it was an answer for that oh-so-egotistical habit of mine to ask for a sign.

And on the 20th of March, the day before Good Friday and Naw-Ruz, it proved to be exceptionally timely.


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