Why Oh Why?

Am I here again, at the blog? I have so much to do. Really. I’m so far behind…Really.

And yet here I am, at the blog, twitching.

I entered another contest, this one a short fiction and locally.  I wasn’t ready to go public with the Tool story, I don’t think, so I did a quick run-through revision of Ten Pennies, and submitted that.

The biggest change was I took out the hokey ending.  I didn’t wrap it up, but I guess that’s ok. He left and he’s happy. That’s all that matters. He still tells her he loves her.

So. I’m here, at the blog, and I can’t sit still.


One thought on “Why Oh Why?”

  1. Can’t wait to hear how the contest turns out. You are such a wonderful writer I’ll bet you make them sit up and take notice.


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