Wishful Thinking

I really, really, really wish my cat were a lolzcat.

She needs a hobby. Bad. And I’m finding it difficult to accomplish anything with her half draped across me at any given moment.

She’s even begun invading the bathroom in a draped-across sort of way. I find myself looking at her big-cat eyes and thinking, “She’d be a star in ‘Children of the Corn’ if she were human.”

She’s staring. And she’s purring. And she’s drooling.

And I wish she had a hobby.


4 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking”

  1. Has she been reading mind control books while you were working on your writing? I know when I read a self-help book I want to try its teachings out on those around me. You may need to move those to a higher shelf 🙂


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