I Love You, But…

…you broke my blog.

I love wordpress. I mean, for the most part, I can figure out WordPress.

But now, after getting technical support for my Third column sort of just disappearing, I’ve been told I must go through every post and format the pictures in it (and something about the “read more” thing which I don’t understand) in order to get it back.

The picture doesn’t make sense. It works inside the post (i.e., within the whole of the text-post), just not on the main page.

Maybe I should just take pictures out of the main page, but I was trying to add a little visual diversity.

But I can’t deal with it right now, either way.

I’m just sad.

This makes me sad.

It worked fine yesterday. It wasn’t until I tried to copy posts from the other blog that I had problems with it.

Oddly enough, it happened (and the inability to upload pictures) just as I was going to (gulp) post the first full-length pictures I’ve had taken since my wedding.

Maybe it’s just not time yet. But at least I was prepared for it.


5 thoughts on “I Love You, But…”

  1. My inability to upload photos was due to not having the latest version of Adobe flash.

    but I still have stuff not working and not sure how to find answers…

    Trying to be patient AND self-starting enough to dig for the solutions.

    Best of luck to you!! How’s school!??


  2. Unfortunately, neither my time nor my patience is at an all-time high right now with more pressing things going on. While it was sort of tongue-in-cheek (sort of), it did show me the priority with which I placed blogging.

    School? Barely holding on.

    Thanks for coming!.


  3. Oh, no!!!! 😦 This is a bummer (although, for the record, the far right bar shows up now that I am posting a comment…)

    The changes at WordPress didn’t effect me that much…how about a different style??? Maybe all of your stuff will come back!


  4. I found that when I copied over a Word document and pasted into my post, that afterwards my whole blog went flooey, hence my changing templates to try to regrab stuff.

    It’s all far beyond my abilities to grasp (for all I used to be the most tech savvy, advanced nerd you’d ever want to know)… but I’ve been left in the dust.



  5. I’m trying to go through every day of every month, but I can’t manage to do more than a month at a time before my eyes glass over and I start drooling.

    So it’s taking a while.

    Yeah, I feel left in the dust, too.


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