Saturday Sighing

…just sighing.

Work soon, friends moving away, a party tonight, wish I could go.

End of semester stress and I may have found a house to rent. A house with hot water and a shower and an actual stove.

A house that I could stretch in.

I’m supposed to go look at it tomorrow; however, I’ll be committing myself to living down here for the duration of my inbetween school time.

But it’s affordable. I can have the cats.

And a shower.

And then there’s the possibility of the volunteer project after graduation. Is it possible? Will I be that brave?  It’s literally on the other side of the globe.

But it’s service AND it’s something I’m actually qualified to do.

And then there’s The Guy.  More careful and watchful, more honest and open, and far, far less needy, I know that this bears watching.

Life was good before this. Life is constantly getting better.

I am so grateful.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Sighing”

  1. How wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I’ll cross my fingers the house works out. Sounds like you are now vibrating on a positive frequency and attracting good things your way! Yea!


  2. WOWOW 🙂 Sounds like some amazing doors are opening for you. I need to go back and see if I can find out more about The Guy…Yippee!!!


  3. @Shu: Actually, I’m not so sure that this house is the best thing for me, but we’ll see.

    @Grace: I think so, too. The Guy, while not exactly new, is a new mention. You can save your time. 🙂


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