Why Today is the Best Friday in a Long, Long Time

1) I slept till almost 7. Woke up without an alarm.

2) I don’t have to work this weekend.

3) At approximately noon, I’ll be turning in two of my assignments, leaving me only with my paper for the Bear (which I actually sort of understand part of how Lacan and Foucoult and Freud apply, thus allowing me SOMETHING to write about with a source!) and a WHOLE WEEK TO WRITE IT IN!!!

4) My day’s plans consist of finishing up those assignments, turning it in, getting jacked up on Starbucks, and coming home to get started on The Bear’s paper. And a nap, somewhere in there.

5) I have clean sheets.

6) Did I mention I don’t have to work this weekend? Next weekened, either, for that matter.

Eight days til graduation. Good heavens, I never thought I’d be this close.


3 thoughts on “Why Today is the Best Friday in a Long, Long Time”

  1. Woo hoo! It’s kind like that feeling when you’re in a convertible, not driving, standing up – which of course you should NEVER do, and let the wind whip through your hair! wWWWWweeeeeEEEEEEeeeeee! to some cool tunes, don’t forget the cool tunes…


  2. I will lend my convertible if you like 🙂 It is a cool feeling.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HOORAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! about pending graduation. You have done awesomely, amazingly, outstandingly, brilliantly, wonderfully well!!!!! Don’t know why I feel I get to be proud of you — maybe just the joy of knowing someone like you even through this attenuated forum. It has been a hoot to watch your blossoming these months.

    We’ll shoot off some virtual fireworks for you. Don’t stop going and growing.



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