30 Day Challenge: Day 4

Yesterday was a give-away day. For the majority of the day, I didn’t accomplish anything, and that’s rather disheartening.

Not so lilting a start, and yet, I seem to be acutely aware when I am procrastinating. It’s almost painful now, although, as of right now, I keep doing it despite that fact.

A couple of things, though. The Guy, having reappeared, keeps doing it, and this presents a bit of a problem. I like him, a lot. I enjoy him a lot, but his timing just sucks. Another late night again last night despite my self-promise that I’d go to bed early. I did actually wake up at 630, but I hit the snooze so many times the alarm just shut itself off.

So now, because I overslept, it really is too hot to walk. I’m not that hardcore.

Not complaints. Just observations.

Although, at 2 this morning, I did manage to fix my air conditioning thingy, and that improved my life monumentally all night long.

But it is a new day, and it is an experiment.


One thought on “30 Day Challenge: Day 4”

  1. Just enjoy! some days are meant just to be gifts to BE in, not DO in! You stay so hard on yourself. LOVE the darling girl you are As Is. You are being who you are meant to be, and you’re on a path. You’ll get ‘there’ in due course.



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