Good-bye, George

I didn’t always agree with him, but I didn’t have to.

Carlin was a Fool-with-a-capital-F in a court of errant knights. No matter the greatness of his fanbase, I think his scope of his influence can only be underestimated.

Many people preached the message, but it was Carlin that drove it home: laughter disempowers and breaks down tragedy into comedic, digestible pieces.

Most celebrities don’t even blip my radar, but he will be sincerely mourned.

Warning: Carlin language ahead.


One thought on “Good-bye, George”

  1. I can remember the first time I remember hearing/seeing him — I was in ??? jr. high (eons ago, an ice age ago)??? and he appeared on one of those wonderfully silly variety shows that used to populate the summer airwaves. Cool! I thought! He opened doors and windows to the ability to think, with humor, of course, in a way that contradicted the party line, the conservative thought path, the norm, the polite. Damn! I related to that, though it was YEARS before I had the courage to face that path anywhere other than in my head.



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