Priorities and Success in Baby Steps

My cat has decided I am spending too much time attached to the computer.

She often stares at me like so:


She is judgmental, this cat. She has a PhD in Judgmentalism.

A couple of months ago, I set a few goals:

 Get a financial plan in place.

Get some sort of chore management program in place.

Go out once a weekend, and preferably not for just groceries.

So far, I’m doing pretty well. I’m still tinkering with the financial plan, but I started tracking assets and debts, and am glad to say that I’m definitely moving in the right direction. I’ve set a chore management plan, and still tinkering with it as well.  As for the going out, I’m rating about 50%.

One of my biggest challenges, financially speaking, is attempting to save for so many things at once with a finite amount of income. When I say I love my car, I mean I LOVE my car. Unfortunately, she’s 12 years old and, like ice cream especially in my house, won’t be around for ever. I want to have an emergency fund of $5000. I want to pay off my house. I want to save for retirement. I’d like to buy something fun once in a while or go on vacation some time before I shake off this mortal coil.

As of right now, 8% of my take home pay is going toward my emergency fund.  At the rate I’m going–barring emergencies–I’ll make my 5k in about 6-7 months. When I hit that mark, I’ll decrease that deposit to 1% and put the other 7% in my car fund. Considering my “Car Fund” is just enough to pay for a rental for about a week (if it’s on special), it’s my next biggest goal. I have another 10% that I’m splitting between house pay-down, car fund, and investing for retirement. It was just last paycheck that I added “Personal” to buy something for myself.

I have priorities listed as:

  1. Car fund — 50%
  2. Mortgage Principal — 40%
  3. Retirement –15%
  4. Personal — 10%

Still working with the numbers.

My goals for November are:

  1. Continue with previous goals.
  2.  To blog more often and work on my writing discipline. (Great opportunity for improvement there).
  3. To complete and present a proposal for web content to a local small business.
  4. To get through the Christmas season without completely destroying my budget on Christmas presents. I think I’ll hold onto this one for next month, too.

Guess we’ll see where that takes us.


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