Featured Fool: Zachary Quinto the Hopebearer

I’m Zachary Quinto and I want to add to the chorus of voices rising up against the kind of hatred and ridicule that led to the senseless and heartbreaking suicides of Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Billy Lucas, Tyler Clementi and Raymond Chase in just the past few month in this country. And those are only the names that we’ve come to know.

There are countless other teens and young adults who are struggling to find a sense of identity and belonging in a chaotic and often unforgiving world. To you I say: it gets better. There is help to be found. There are places to turn, there are people who will listen.

Start there, start anywhere, but start by believing that life is worth living and you will find your way. And I’m proud to be a voice that stands to remind you of that any time you ever come close to forgetting it.

Thetrevorproject.org 1.866.4.you.trevor is a place to start. Start there, start anywhere, but start by believing that life is worth living and you will find your way.

I’ve been accused of being a bit of a voice fetishist, and, if I’m entirely honest, I can’t deny it.  I don’t have the vocabulary to describe the parts of a voice, but I know that there’s a certain tonal quality that I respond to, a voice that, with its rise and fall, my heart speeds up and slows down.

It’s a matter of resonance, I suppose.

A voice can dig down deep, deeper than my gut, to the very marrow of my bones and set me on fire, make me believe them when they say the earth is square. or everything will be all right.  Others turn my back for me, and I’m halfway around the corner before I even realize I’ve been repelled.

There is power in a voice.  And when that voice lends itself to powerful words, that power intensifies, surging beyond the realm of limits and dips its toes in the ocean of the limitless.

Zachary Quinto has such a power.  His voice, his words, his naming of the victims of suicide has power.

If I’ve watched this video 10 times, I’ve watched it 100. Some days, I’ve been just beyond the scope of that power, wanting to believe so badly it hurt,  but afraid of getting my hopes up. Does it get better?

It does. It does. It does.

I was once told that a friend holds your faith for you until you’re able to hold it yourself.

Perhaps a friend is someone who holds your hope for you as well when it’s too much to bear, too much to hold onto.  They hold it and share it and eventually your fingers and hands and heart can come together again and keep it from spilling out as you carry it.

Thank you to Zachary Quinto, and for all of those who lend their voices and their power to making the world a better place.

Thank you for being a Hopebearer.

(b&w lighthouse  by John Curley, used by creative commons  license.)


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