Plot Twist


The great thing about having rheumatoid arthritis is that I learn something new–almost every day.

Today, for example, I learned that it is possible to get isolated fever in the heel of one foot and the ball of another at the same time.  I  also learned that my Fred Flintstone feet suddenly have more curves than Marilyn Monroe.

flintstone feet  marilynmonroe

Whoda thunk it?

I can’t walk today. I’m sort of dragging myself around only for mandatory things such as coffee and voiding coffee.

Important things.

So: Plot twist. No work for me today, even though I have piles of stuff to-do sitting on my desk. No work for me even though I have calls to make, people to chase down, lists to put together, things to type, and supplies to order. No shopping for me even though I’m dangerously near to being out of coffee and coffee creamer. These are two things that, along with dog food and cat food, I MUST, MUST, MUST always have in the house. Toilet paper, I’ve discovered, is definitely desired, but not mandatory since, in a pinch, other paper products can fill its space.

But coffee? Coffee creamer?

There are no substitutes.

Since I can’t do housework today (oh, darn), I can at least spend some time in the cat’s head again. The novel, while not exactly “ticking along,” is definitely moving along. Slowly. As if it were moving toward coffee despite its best intentions to stay perfectly still.

I hit 28,000 words a couple of days ago.

It’s a story of an almost Zen, smart-assed cat who loathes dogs and seems to have an opinion on everything. It’s a fun place to be.

A domesticated feline (my words, definitely not hers), she misses her wildness, her freedom, her nights spent hunting and her days spent napping in stolen sunshine.

I had read where authors speak of “letting the character show you who they are” and that the writer is merely an observer, not a creator. I didn’t really understand it until I got claws-deep in this project.

Her opinions are different from mine in some cases, and, I think I’ve held her back. Correction. I know I’ve held her back. Censored her.  Because I didn’t want “that kind of book,” or I didn’t want her words attributed to me. Because we are similar, but we are not the same.

So. Plot twist. I’m letting her out of her proverbial carrier, removing the kitty muzzle, and letting her go.

There’s no telling where I’ll end up with a cat in charge.

Image sources:

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2 thoughts on “Plot Twist”

  1. SO sorry about your feet!! I was giggling about your ZenCat, and letting her show you who she is. I remember one of my NaNoWriMo entries…I think it’s even the one that made 50,000 words. You know how it is…you’re just trying to get words on paper in some semblance of a “story”. So I just had that Stream of Consciousness thing going and I couldn’t believe where some of my characters took me! It actually was kinda fun… 🙂 Hope you have a GREAT day of writing there (and can a neighbor or someone deliver you what you need???) xox


    1. That’s exactly what my NaNoWri No was. Stream of consciousness. I actually enjoy refining and polishing more than writing. I just gotta get it out first. It was a grand day after all 🙂


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