Letting Go Challenge: Week One

I have way too much stuff. Stuff I don’t use, stuff I hold onto “just in case,” stuff taking up room in my home and in my life that I simply don’t have the inclination to allow any more.

Perhaps it was the change in weather (it actually feels like Fall in October in South Mississippi–this is a new experience for me), perhaps it is the  post-RA feeling of purpose and identity and organization I’ve found, perhaps it’s just being done with the old. Whatever it was, I’m grateful for it.

I have too much stuff.

I’ve mentioned that a friend is doing a “Min Challenge” (as in minimalism) via Instagram, a 30 day challenge that asks that she rid her house of 1 thing on the first day, 2 things on the second day, and so forth, until the 30th day of the month.

That’s waaaay too ambitious for me.  So I modified it.

My goal is to get rid of 21 things a week, which breaks down to 3 items per day.  I figure this is doable. By setting my target for the week rather than the month, I’m able to cover for days I can’t do much of anything.

So here goes:

For week One, I rid myself of a shirt and 2 pairs of shoes (not pictured, since I’ve already given them away) and these items:

  • a purse I won’t ever use
  • a stuffed cell phone
  • a pair of Mardi Gras beads
  • a 10 year service pin
  • 5 small spools of thread
  • dog collar
  • pair of shoes
  • 6 old phone books
  • flash light that doesn’t work (Yes, I tried new batteries)

The recyclable stuff will go out for recycling; the toy stuff will go to my niece and/or nephew. The stuff I can give away, I will, and the stuff I can’t, I’ll trash.

Some observations:

  • I had phone books from 2010. Crimey.
  • In the process, I’ve already found a couple of things that  I’m experiencing resistance to getting rid of. I put them aside and will deal with them later–I have plenty of stuff that can come before it. I asked myself, “Why am I holding onto it?” but I didn’t have an answer.
  • I had an interesting reaction to finding my Years of Service pin. Because I’m still working there, I’ll table that subject for another time.
  • I managed to get my overflowing “junk drawer” cleaned out. A HUGE accomplishment. It’ll be an even bigger accomplishment when I find homes for the stuff that isn’t actually junk.

So that’s it for this week. Anyone up for doing this challenge with me?


2 thoughts on “Letting Go Challenge: Week One”

  1. Hope this works out well for you! It’s tough to get rid of stuff, especially when we say, “Be prepared!” all the time. I mean, that shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore COULD fit in a year or two… right?

    You should check out Marie Kondo, she’s a Japanese woman who wrote about tidying up. Here’s a link with demonstrations of how she folds clothes! http://goop.com/the-illustrated-guide-to-the-kondo-mari-method/
    I started with tshirts and ended up doing all of my drawers, it’s actually crazy how much more organized I felt after!.

    Have fun!

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    1. Oh I *love* this! Thank you so much for sharing. This will definitely help when I get to my drawer-delving.

      I’m trying to “ease” into it, especially since I have met found a bit of resistance already, and apparently not quite ready to face it. Twenty-one items a week though, shouldn’t be that hard. I have every expectation that the difficulty will scale.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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