Letting Go Challenge: Week Four

  1. Broken Dustbuster
  2. Zipper pouch that doesn’t zip
  3. Toothbrush from (at least) 2013
  4. Newer toothbrush, broken courtesy of the dog
  5. Contacts that expired in 2011
  6. Cat purse
  7. Antibiotics from 2004
  8. Destroyed Kong
  9. Small brush
  10. Saints shirt
  11. Broken Wind Chime
  12. Broken Dust Pan
  13. A pair of holey panty hose
  14. Broken part of a shower head
  15. Hair gel
  16. Rusty can opener
  17. Mascara from over a year ago
  18. Tiny hair clip with half the teeth broken
  19. Tweezers that no longer tweeze
  20. Smiley faced egg
  21. Peanut butter lid

Three notable things: I found a thumb drive from 2007 which has some of my writing on it, although I haven’t delved into it too deeply since I’ve had it in my car stereo. I’ve found live versions of Tool’s Sober, A Perfect Circle’s Counting Bodies Like Sheep, as well as something that may or may not be Paul McCartney and George Michael.

Also, I have wrapped my first Christmas present. I had bought it last year, maybe? The year before, perhaps? Lost it. Found it. Wrapped it.

And I’ve managed to clean out a drawer in my bedroom. I realize that, as I clear out more room, I’ll be rearranging stuff to make the stuff that I keep even more organized.  I’m actually experiencing anticipation at this.

A side effect of this (or perhaps Enbrel, or a combination of the two) is that housework is no longer loathsome for me. Sure, there are definitely ways I’d rather spend my time, but there’s a sense of sanctification that comes with cleaning that I don’t think I’ve ever experience before. There’s a satisfaction in it.

I am reducing the chaos around me–it’s one of the very few bits o’ chaos I have any control over. And it’s not so much about control, or even accomplishment (although those two feelings are definitely nice), it’s more about preparing the way for better things.

When I bought the house, I dubbed it the Harmony House, but, sadly, it quickly proved to be anything but.  Harmony for me, isn’t perfect stillness; it’s the gentle lapping of the waves on a shore.

This is harmony.  Things, elements, seem to be moving in a way beyond my understanding. I’m just happy to move with them.

So there’s that. 84 things out (plus one pending Christmas present).  I’m loving this.


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