Read Write Rant

I have a love-hate relationship with personal websites.  Apparently, along with my mind, I often lose access to my admin panels, therefore keeling-ded-ded websites.

I sometimes mock my father for his ignorance of Google (Where did you put my Google?) and Facebook (I sent something to you–did you get it? No, Dad, you put it on your page and didn’t tag me).

I should probably cut that out.

I’ve broken several of them, you see.  One, a beautiful and professional one I had commissioned and had paid for but was too embarrassed to contact the designer to see if she could help me save it.  Another that I had spent weeks on, exactly how I wanted it to be, only to have something-or-other plug in break it when I installed it, and I couldn’t get the admin panel back.

So, anyhoo.

Eventually, I’ll be doing all of my blogging at I just have many, many things to learn, and I’m not willing at this point to put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak.  So for now, I’m keeping the more personal things here, at the good-and-trusty and leaving my more nerdly, book-reading, and ranty side at http://www.njray.

I’d be honored if you checked it out and let me know what you thought of it–fonts aside, as I’m still working on the presentation. And the, you know, website-side of things.




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