Letting Go Challenge: Week Five (Upping my Game)

I didn’t realize until after I had posted last week’s toss-out that I had actually made it a month.  Four weeks at 21 items a week.

My house is now 84 items emptier.

For the next four weeks, I’m going to shoot for 28 things a week. That’s just one more item a day.  28 x 4 = 112. Add that to the previous 84, and I’ll have 196–almost 200 things–NOT chaos-ing up my residence.

For this week, it’s:

  • 1. Ripped Dress
  • 2. Nail Polish
  • 3. and 4. Two huge boxes my dog food had been shipped in. I was going to put….something… in them, I know.
  • 5. Egg crate. I had been using it as a lap top cooler, but it’s not really useful if you can’t stand typing on them.
  • 6., 7., 8. Shirts that no longer fit. Donating them to work.
  • 9. Pair of pants, also donated to work.
  • 10. and 11. 2 pairs of shoes.
  • 12. and 13. 2 boxes of unopened tampons (not pictured), also donated to work.
  • 14. Happy Shack tie-dyed tshirt, sadly torn beyond any decent use
  • 15. Torn pink bag
  • 16. Hat that doesn’t even fit to the top of my ears.
  • 17. Chipped coffee cup
  • 18. Generic decongestant meds–expired 2007
  • 19. Facial cleanser–proof I’ll really use anything. It only has about 1/20th of a bottle left, but it doesn’t actually do anything but make you feel cleaner. Using astringent and a cotton pad right after I had washed my face showed that this stuff really didn’t work.
  • 20. Work lanyard (I think I was going to wash it once upon a time? Instead, thrown in my old junk drawer.
  • 21. E-cigarette liquid. Caramel Cappuccino. It WAS a favorite of mine until I spilled it all in my purse and couldn’t stand the smell of it anymore.
  • 22. Rubbermaid lid. (Dog, again.)
  • 23. Dog calendar. I was holding onto it because I was going to turn it into hand crafted paper–something I may or may not get back into in the future.
  • 24. Eye drops for pink eye. It took me over 40 years to get pink eye the first time. I think I’m pretty safe in throwing them away.
  • 25, 26, 27 spools of thread. I swear, these damn things keep multiplying.  I didn’t even count the last ones I found and handed over to my seamstress-at-work.
  • 28. Packet of Downy softener from 2010.

One of the interesting things I’ve discovered this week is that I’m actually looking forward to getting rid of things. I keep a box on my kitchen table that when I come across something, i drop it in there so I’m not doing them at the last minute.

Another thing is that I don’t feel guilty in buying something.  At least so far.

The facial cleansing stuff. Now, for the most part, I’ll buy generic. There are some things, though, that simply aren’t worth the “cost benefit.” Peanut butter, for example. Toilet paper, for another example. This stuff doesn’t work. And yet I kept using it. Cause, stubbornness.

I hate letting go of money. Hate it, hate it.  Actually, that’s not true. I hate spending money. I don’t have a problem letting go of it. (Subtle, but distinct difference, I guess.) But when I had enough of using astringent right after washing my face–the pad looking like I had been working in a coal yard–I tossed it and got some stuff that I’ve used in the past and knew it worked. Sure, it’s more expensive, but perhaps not as expensive as facial cleanser and astringent every single face-washing.

A friend and I were celebrating her acing her statistics class on Friday,  and, as I told her about the Letting Go challenge, and, the face cleaner in particular, she told me about her hair drawer. Hair bands, hair clips, many with the tags still on. “I need to do this,” she said. “But I hate getting rid of stuff.”

She’s a book hoarder like me. We have many things in common.

I told her to start small: maybe 7 things a week. Just one item a day. Not too painful, not too hard.

I told her I have too much stuff. Stuff I love and want but have forgotten because it’s been buried under or packed behind stuff I
don’t want but couldn’t stand to get rid of.

I am so very glad my friend told me about her own minimalist challenge.

This is downright liberating.

The lagniappe for the week is that I cleaned out my refrigerator.  Since I’ve been stocking Sprite for nausea, a LOT of stuff had gotten pushed to the back. Out it went. I didn’t think to count it til I had forgotten how many things I threw out.



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