Letting Go Challenge: Week Eleven

  • 1. Hat box
  • 2. and 3. Old bottles of lotion
  • 4. Old deoderant
  • 5. “Katrina” dress
  • 6. Undershirt
  • 7. Green pair of pants
  • 8. Blue pair of pants
  • 9.  and 10.  Two broken hair clips
  • 11. Old lipstick
  • 12. Old mascara
  • 13. Old foundation
  • 14. Enbrel information box
  • 15. Shake and Bake
  • 16. Old pressed powder
  • 17. Foot spray
  • 18. Nail polish
  • 19. Glue sticks
  • 20. Lipstick case
  • 21. Dead pen

Filed: 28 things, some trashed (why I held onto old grocery receipts I will never know), some actually filed. Still working on the medical file.

So apparently I forgot to take a picture before throwing the old stuff away and putting away the clothes in my “to donate” box.

A shame. I wanted to, in a few months, put all the pictures together to see all of the stuff–in one sitting–that I had cleared out of my house.

In the days after Hurricane Katrina, we picked through mud and dead fish to salvage what we could. Living right off the river, I had discovered there was a lot of both mud and dead fish.


I can remember dunking my few clothes in bins of bleach water to get all of the dead fishyness out of them.  One of the things that had survived was a black t-shirt, sleeveless dress that I loved.  The bleach had given it red spots, so it looked like a really bad tie-dye job.

I loved it even more.

It’s been ten years since the hurricane, and, during that time it had managed to grow holes where the red spots were.

Ten years, and the red-bleached out spot became an ever-growing hole…right on the ass of the dress.

Still loved it. Still held onto it. Still slept in it, wore it around the house (sometimes even with a t-shirt covering the hole, but not all the time.

So….it was pretty much past time to get rid of it.

The filing is coming along–I’m still taking out stacks of paper in chunks and working through the chunks rather than fully entering the office itself.

The most interesting thing about the filing is that I’m filing stuff pretty much as soon as I get it (at least during the week that I get it) so, although the headway isn’t exactly grand, I’m at least not adding to the stacks to be dealt with later.

So there’s that.



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