Letting Go Challenge: Week 16

The Junk

  • 1, 2., 3., 4 Lampshades
  • 5. Camisole
  • 6. Make up bag
  • 7. Empty packing tape roll (Really!)
  • 8.,9., 10., 11., 12. Medicine bottles
  • 13. Rusted butter knife
  • 14. Rusted fork
  • 15. Broken Otterbox
  • 16. 17. Two purses
  • 18. Eyeliner
  • 19. Old nail polish
  • 20. Big Book
  • 21. Old blush brush


Only 19 this week. I did well last Sunday, and then just didn’t have it in me for the rest of the week.

So much for upping my game. The RA decided to throw a hell of a tantrum this week, and I barely made it with the items themselves. (It’s Sunday as I write this.)

No shelf. No drawer. No getting healthy. Although I did lose a couple of pounds, there was no specific action put into it.

I had the opportunity to catch Michael Hyatt’s webinar called The 10 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making in Goal-Setting (and How to Fix Them), which, incidentally, I really recommend. It helped me specify 7 areas of my life I really want to see improved. I was able to set specific goals for:  Writing, Health, Home Organization, Relationships, Finances, Education, and Renewal.

I was psyched. I was organized. I was en pointe.

And then hell broke loose.

But still, 21 things out. 19 things filed.

I’ll take my victories where I find them.


I did find most of a book of stamps and seventeen cents while clearing out a box from the garage.

Seventeen cents richer.  I’m on my way to financial independence now!




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