Letting Go Challenge: Week Twenty


  • 1. White shoe
  • 2. Black Shoe
  • 3. Mardi Gras beads (gawd, these never end)
  • 4. Black pants
  • 5. Gray pants
  • 6. Book: The Pooh Perplex by Frederick Crews
  • 7., 8.,  Chicken Noodle Soup x 2 (Expired 2015)
  • 9. Lip pencil
  • 10. Contact case
  • 11. Panty hose
  • 12. Flower watch-ring
  • 13. Hotel soap
  • 14. Nail file
  • 15. Broken chair tip
  • 16. Tops pin
  • 17. Blue plastic pool
  • 18. Red tie-dyed t-shirt
  • 19. Tuna fish from 2013
  • 20. and 21. Two unmentionables that I will neither show nor name.

This week was a whole lot of memories. Soup that a friend brought when I was sick; one of which I had eaten and, as we say in the South, “swoll up so bad” I couldn’t fit my feet in shoes, and that was way before the RA.

A book from grad school that was pretty much the last of many signs I shouldn’t be so caught up with getting my Master’s. It was brilliantly written–a plethora of different literary criticism styles as the pertained to the original Winnie the Pooh. I joked that it was the Freudian reading–i.e., the sodomy in Pooh–that ruined my desire for finishing grad school, but, looking back, it was the criticism of criticism that did me in.  I love tearing apart things I read to look beyond the surface. I love participating in literary criticism, and I love that a degree in literature is the very epitome of critical thinking–a skill I think is clearly not appreciated in today’s political environment.

And yet, this book demonstrated the pretentiousness of parts of academia and made me really reconsider my choice of aspirations–to be a literature professor. I think that critical thinking and the ability to deconstruct what is said to see what is meant are incredibly important, I realized that I can still do what I love without doing that.

I just haven’t figured that out quite yet, but that’s okay. I am, outside the confines of my 9-5. doing all sorts of writing-and-thinking things that I love. And for now, it works.

It’s a great thing–and a huge relief off my mind–to know that it’s okay not to have everything figured out.  I just have to know what I’m doing now, and what I might do next.

Five months and I’m still doing it.

Sometimes I really do surprise myself.

It really was time to throw this out. Maybe.
It really was time to throw this out. Maybe.







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