So Yeah, There’s That



Danger Will Robinson!

So my brain is broken. I broke my brain.

Overstimulated, overwhelmed, I just shut down, missing all my goals in the meantime.

The budget thing? Still working on it. I discovered that, despite holding all of my tax money out to pay for the dental work that was coming this month, I still went over my medical budget. I didn’t have a very realistic picture.  With just a couple exceptions (mostly bills that I had “summer budgeted for” like water and electricity), I went over in every. Single. Category.  I’ll know exactly where I stand at the end of the month.

I  managed to save $50 per paycheck, though, so my first month savings for the purpose of this exercise is a whole $100.  That, plus some birthday money and money I had due me that I had forgotten about puts my total at $1300.  Other than the automatic deduction for savings (take it out first, right?), I had no other areas that I could cut from to put any more away.  Where I saved money, I ended up spending it elsewhere because my pets would eat me alive if I didn’t feed them and my car wouldn’t go far without any gas. Or current tag.

So yeah. There’s that.  I guess it’s a start, but I just felt I should have done better.

The clearing out stuff?  Yeah. Didn’t do much of that either.  It’s not like I met resistance to throwing stuff out again; it’s not that I didn’t get frustrated with clutter piling up. I just sort of turned off. Spaced out and “forgot” where I was.

So. There’s that, too.

I’m still having an issue with food waste. I totally forgot that I had bought eggs–AGAIN–and now they’re like a month past the sell by date.  Things I’ve cooked (rare, but still occasionally happens) gets pushed to the back. How do I keep doing this? Something so simple…eat what I’ve made.  And I forget it’s there, opting for something easy–like a sandwich.

I want to have a garage sale, most likely in the fall. It’ll be cooler, I’l have time to prepare. I have three four boxes of stuff that I’ve “thrown out” (actually boxed up and never took to Goodwill), that I want to rebox and label and price so that I have nothing but unloading to do.

Am I procrastinating on the getting rid of stuff? Has another shiny thing distracted me?

I really, really don’t know.

I guess I’ll find out soon.

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Letting Go Challenge: Week 29 and 30

Weeks 27 & 28 (2)


I fell behind again.  Again.

The past few weeks has seen me fall behind on a LOT of things. Seems like everything, although I know that it’s not  necessarily true. With this posting, I’ll be one week behind (as of Sunday), but it’s better than being three.  So there’s that.

One of the things I’ve been confronted by is my sheer lack of focus. The past month in particular has been tough. I’d have all these goals and ideas and what-have-you only to be distracted by–what was that shiny thing? Oh my god!

Kinda like that Doctor Who episode “SIlence in the Library” when Donna’s transported out of the library, and finds herself in a life that passes by instantaneously. She’s talking to Dr. Moon: “You said ‘River’ and now we’re feeding ducks.”  Her saying she will bring her children to the park brings her to the park without any of the actual journey.

That’s what my life feels like right now. Only more tedious. Like I’ve lost the time, don’t know where it’s at, but have nothing to show for it.  I just find myself having done this or that and managing to skip over what I was supposed to be doing for that better life thing.

And here I am. Starting over. But not really starting over. I’m still 47 things lighter, even if it took me 2 weeks to do it.

It’s a little bit better than a start, at any rate.



  • 1. Bubba cup (cracked–I loooved that cup)
  • 2. Fancy schmancy Christmas ornament
  • 3. Mason jar without lid
  • 4. NyQuil Cold and Flu: Exp date 2013
  • 5. Salon pas (didn’t work for me…held onto because…maybe they would work magically one day? I have no idea)
  • 6. Famotidine Exp 2014
  • 7., 8. White disks something-or-others (maybe floor protectors?)  x 2
  • 9-14  Coffee cups X 6
  • 15. Clear lax for the dog — exp date 2014
  • 16. Bottle of pills so old and faded I have no idea what it even is
  • 17. Christmas candle
  • 18. Ibuprofen — Can’t use it now with my every day Nsaid–finding it a new home
  • 19. Plastic cup
  • 20. Styrofoam cup
  • 21. Hair clip (not necessary since I chopped my hair off)
  • 22. Rusty spoon
  • 23. Pink stuffing paper (??)
  • 24.-27.. Four un-mated lids from the garage
  • 28. Sock–lonely and hanging out in the garage
  • 29. Bag of “silverbells gem mix” (??)
  • 30., 31.  Empty DVD case x 2
  • 32. Movie: Face Off
  • 33. Movie: Analyze That
  • 34–37, Four plates
  • 38., 39.  Christmas stockings x 2
  • 40. Hurricane instructions from 2006
  • 41. Book: Non-Profits for Dummies
  • 42. Movie: Bad Boys II
  • 43. Movie: Hide and Seek
  • 44. “Sherry” shaped glass
  • 45. Book: Walt Whitman “Laws of Creators” — ruined in the rain
  • 46. Notebook with writing–Also ruined in the rain
  • 47. Decorative metal pot-type thing