So Yeah, There’s That



Danger Will Robinson!

So my brain is broken. I broke my brain.

Overstimulated, overwhelmed, I just shut down, missing all my goals in the meantime.

The budget thing? Still working on it. I discovered that, despite holding all of my tax money out to pay for the dental work that was coming this month, I still went over my medical budget. I didn’t have a very realistic picture.  With just a couple exceptions (mostly bills that I had “summer budgeted for” like water and electricity), I went over in every. Single. Category.  I’ll know exactly where I stand at the end of the month.

I  managed to save $50 per paycheck, though, so my first month savings for the purpose of this exercise is a whole $100.  That, plus some birthday money and money I had due me that I had forgotten about puts my total at $1300.  Other than the automatic deduction for savings (take it out first, right?), I had no other areas that I could cut from to put any more away.  Where I saved money, I ended up spending it elsewhere because my pets would eat me alive if I didn’t feed them and my car wouldn’t go far without any gas. Or current tag.

So yeah. There’s that.  I guess it’s a start, but I just felt I should have done better.

The clearing out stuff?  Yeah. Didn’t do much of that either.  It’s not like I met resistance to throwing stuff out again; it’s not that I didn’t get frustrated with clutter piling up. I just sort of turned off. Spaced out and “forgot” where I was.

So. There’s that, too.

I’m still having an issue with food waste. I totally forgot that I had bought eggs–AGAIN–and now they’re like a month past the sell by date.  Things I’ve cooked (rare, but still occasionally happens) gets pushed to the back. How do I keep doing this? Something so simple…eat what I’ve made.  And I forget it’s there, opting for something easy–like a sandwich.

I want to have a garage sale, most likely in the fall. It’ll be cooler, I’l have time to prepare. I have three four boxes of stuff that I’ve “thrown out” (actually boxed up and never took to Goodwill), that I want to rebox and label and price so that I have nothing but unloading to do.

Am I procrastinating on the getting rid of stuff? Has another shiny thing distracted me?

I really, really don’t know.

I guess I’ll find out soon.

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One thought on “So Yeah, There’s That”

  1. Been away from blogging for several months, up to a week or so ago. Came bay to see how you are doing, and to say “hey, girl!” Hope all is well in your world!


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