Who am I?

My name is Nancy Ray (N J Ray is my nom de plume, should the plume ever present its plumage), and, were I so inclined to succinctly describe myself, it would be as a Southern-fried, tie-dyed, Mississippi hippie. Or reader, writer, dreamer.

I wish I were better at being succinct

All order is always subject to change.

A lover of many things: a perfect phrase, a not-so-perfect dog, and several sublimely perfect cats.  Good coffee, good friends, good music.  And symbols! From metaphors and similes to Jungian psychology and linguistics, I love the meaning behind the symbol, which is why I love the Fool so much. And quotations! I love quotations that zing with beauty.

Especially if they’re from Tom Robbins or Mark Twain, like so:

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Mark Twain

And shiny objects. I particularly love shiny objects.

My degree is in English, literature specifically; my interests are as varied as flowers, dotting all fields. I’m currently at work on my first novel with bits of editing, tutoring, marketing, and web content in between.


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